D2 Visa - Residence Visa for Entrepreneurs Immigrants

The D2 Visa is one of the best ways to get yourself in Portugal and achieve your dream.

If you are an entrepreneur that wishes to have a nice, peaceful life in Portugal, this is one of the ways.

D2 is a type of visa for those outside the EU and Schengen Area who would like to open an investing activity in Portugal.

This is one of the many types of Portugal Visa you may apply for to get your residence permit, live in Portugal and benefit from all the advantages that may bring you.

What is it?

The D2 visa, also called the Visa for Immigrant Entrepreneurs, gives resident status to immigrants who plan to involve themselves investment activities in Portugal.

The legal basis for this type of visa can be found in article 60(2) of Law Nº 23/2007 from July 4 and regulated by article 31(2)(3) of Regulation Decree Nº 84/2007 from November 5.

In basic terms, the investment must be made by way of a company that one wishes to establish in Portugal, in the scope of a well defined business plan, which will be judged above all, on an investment level, for its prospective economic, social, scientific, technological, or cultural relevancy.

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