Portugal is becoming a destination for investment, and Residence Permits for Investment Activity, better known as Golden Visa, came to increase this trend.

Although there is a big demand in real estate investment, there are those who want to invest in a business that is profitable and which allows the Golden Visa Residence Permit Program.

It is possible for instance, acquire a villa, and rent it, or even, exploit it to some kind of business, such as we demonstrate above.

In Portugal it’s possible to invest in several sectors such as catering, tourism, and health care, among others. As with any business, this kind of investment always falls on the investor, regarding the sector where he wants to invest and the capital that he has available to proceed with the deal.

We developed various models of business that could be implemented in Portugal, having high viability.

Each business model has been properly studied and the values presented are similar as possible to the reality, and the amounts of investment are different from one another, giving the investor a choice according to financial situation.If you are interested in this type of investment, please contact us. Our team is fully available to help developing the project.