Investing in Portugal

“Over the past few years, Portugal has proved to be a prime location to invest, to do business and to live. As an investment destination, success is based on the country’s positive approach towards business development and attracting foreign investment. This approach has ensured a favorable business environment, positioning it as a great location while in the West Coast of Europe, with strategic access to markets, competitive operating costs, proactive reforms, modern networking infrastructure, commitment to education and science, and flexible, dedicated and competent human resources. These factors have contributed to a steady flow of new investment in industry, tourism, commerce and services, as evidenced by the recent and significant history of companies choosing to invest in Portugal.”
Portugal is in 20th place in a list with 145 countries of the best places to do business, prepared by the U.S. magazine Forbes. The list took into account 11 factors: property rights, innovation, taxes, technology, corruption, freedom (personal, trade and monetary), bureaucracy, investor protection and stock market performance. Portugal is like the 20th best country to do business, according to the criteria used by Forbes, a list where France comes in 19th , in the 12th place is UK and Germany in 24th place.

Alburtughal has the best alternatives for your money, in aiming to grow your wealth.

We will guide your investment policy by principles of accuracy, profitability and risk diversification, through a judicious us selection of the real estate in order to generate income for investors, either through the rental of real estate or either by valuating them over time.

The properties to acquire are urban buildings or units building capable meant to construction or rehabilitation, for lease, sale or any other form of costly exploration that will manage yield, whether are intended for Commerce, housing, services, industry, logistics, tourism or any other activity that is legally permissible and economically justifiable.

Real estate is a desirable asset for many types of people. Since it is often considered a safe investment. Real estate opportunities are attractive for those who have capital to invest.

The acquisition of real estate, can be an investment in the short, medium and long term, given the income options which are allow.

In the case of short-term investment, the investor can acquire a property and have an income almost immediately, with the monthly rental.

In nowadays it represents an excellent opportunity for real estate investment, with high potential of enhancement and guarantee of fixed monthly income with the lease.

In the medium term, the investor can choose to acquire real estate at a low price, which may require refurbishment; running them, values the property, which you can then sell and/or rent.

Still in the medium term, the investor can acquire a property, particularly land plots, and with some intermediate steps, such as the delivery of projects in the component entities, gets an additional income, that do not derive from the land plots themselves, but of the final product (licensing for housing, Commerce, services, and/or industry).

In the long run, investors have the possibility of acquiring real estate in less busy areas, cost effectively, but with details already established in plans. Each property acquired is legally registered as property of the investor, and he can dispose of it, when, how and anytime, he wants.

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